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Chingford War Memorial

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Private 11645

Royal Berkshire Regiment, 1st Battalion

Killed In Action 05/07/1915


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Born: Walthamstow, Essex
Enlisted: Walthamstow
Residence: South Chingford, Essex

The following is a transcript of Arthur`s battalion war diaries for the week preceding Arthur`s untimely death.

Thursday 1st July 1915 France, BEUVRY
Battalion relieved in the trenches by 1st Btn KINGS Regt and marched back to billets at BEUVRY.
Lt G Gregson Ellis proceeded on 8 days leave to England.

Friday 2nd July 1915 France, BEUVRY
Battalion in billets at BEUVRY. Nothing of interest to report.

Saturday 3rd July 1915 France, BEUVRY
Battalion in billets. Lt Col Sereild [?] and officers of 4th Btn came over to see us. Also some of the NCO`s and men. Small inter company sports were held.
Captain M C Radford returned from leave to England.

Sunday 4th July 1915 France, BEUVRY
Battalion in billets. Church parade at 10am.

Monday 5th July 1915 France, BEUVRY - BETHUNE
Orders received that the whole Brigade were to be taken out for a short rest. The Battalion was to march back to BETHUNE and go into billets there. Battalion was relieved by 3rd Battalion Coldstream Guards. Battalion left BEUVRY about 4pm and marched to billets at the tobacco factory and orphanage BETHUNE.
Captains AGF Isaac, CW Frizell proceeded on eight days leave to England.

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