Chingford War memorial

Chingford War Memorial

This site is dedicated to the men commemorated on the Chingford War Memorial



Able Seaman 213727

Royal Navy, H.M.S. Pathfinder

Died 05/09/1914


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Pathfinder was sunk off St. Abbs Head, Berwickshire, Scotland, on Saturday 5 September 1914 by the German Submarine U-21.

Typical of the scout cruisers poor endurance, she was so short of coal whilst on patrol that she could only manage a speed of 5 knots, making her an easy target. The ship was struck in a magazine which exploded causing the ship to sink within minutes with the loss of 259 men, there were 11 survivors.

Pathfinder was the first ship ever sunk by submarine attack.

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