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Further to our news article on our recent discovery at Tyne Cot Cemetery - Time for an update! Read the full article here
We are glad to report that after reporting Private Flucker`s ommission on the Tyne Cot Memorial, the Common Wealth War Graves Commission has investigated and i can reveal their findings below.

The commission had found that at some point when the Master Registers were updated, Private Flucker was listed as having served in the Lincolshire Regiment, when he should have been listed in The Leicestershire Regiment.
The Casualties of The Leicestershire Regiment are listed on panels 50 - 51 at Tyne Cot.

The commission has now replaced the memorial registers with the correction and have amended Private Flucker`s details on The Common Wealth War Graves Commission Website.

Not only did they ammend this ommission, but they also sent me some photographs of Private Flucker`s memorial at Tyne Cot, and by the way they did all this within 5 days!

I was expecting quite a long delay, whilst the commission investigated the issue, so i was pleasantly surprised with the speed with which they dealt with this issue and i can not praise them enough for the work that they do and the manner in which they keep the graves and memorials...

Take a look at Private Flucker`s updated page on our site here

Keep up the good work CWGC!

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